12/3-16/3 20 AMP Breaker
Weatherproof Reels 20 to 75 Ft

All units are watertight and approved for the coldest & warmest
temperatures from -60 to 200°F.

All models available with a black or white case.
The Arctic Leash is the only outdoor cord reel with a 20 AMP Breaker ETL certified (-60F to 220F) watertight retractable cord reel conforming to U.L. and CSA standards (20ft-60ft, 12 Gauge, 20 AMP Breaker). Available for use in all climates regardless of the conditions. It’s patented waterproof design, durable polypropylene case, and convenient retraction mechanism make this the ideal choice for electrical power cord management in a wide range of applications. All models are available with a black or white case.

 New Product Available Now

The only 50 FT/65FT/75 Ft Retractable 12/14 Gauge with 20 Amp Breaker Weatherproof Cord Reel for all climates in the world!
Used to provide outdoor retractable power for business and industry. Uses include: Fleet Management, Manufacturing, Business, Military, OEM, Municipalities, or anywhere outdoors where retractable power is required. SJEOOW All Weather Extension Cord W/ Lighted Plugs. Cords are UV, Water, and Oil Resistant and Flexible to -57 F.  Please call 623-266-4159 to inquire about custom cord reel solutions and special builds.

Arctic Leash on the History Channel​

The only outdoor, watertight retractable cord reel, -60F to 220F. Available 10ft-50ft, 12 gauge, 20 AMP Breaker. Electric cars, block heaters, fleet vehicles. Conforms to UL, 355, CSA C22.2 STD#308. The Arctic Leash is an outdoor retractable extension cord used in cold climate regions to keep vehicles from freezing. The History Channel’s Modern Marvels has showcased the retractable cord reel on an episode called Sub-Zero Tech.

Corporate Facilities, Municipalities & Businesses

The Arctic Leash as seen above is installed at hundreds of locations across the U.S. and Canada. Primarily, they are used to provide retractable power for fleet vehicle locations, military, businesses, manufacturing plants and anywhere retractable power is required, regardless of the climate or location.

Problem Solved

The Arctic Leash is the safe answer to power cord management!

  • Outdoor watertight power
  • Cold climate applications
  • Fleet loading docks & truck yards
  • OEM applications
  • Portable equipment
  • Boats, yachts, docks
  • Attach to homes, bldgs. & offices
  • Military equipment

Are you ready to say goodbye to your cord management problems!

Whatever your power cord extension problems may be, the Arctic Leash can solve it.  Purchase your Arctic Leash cord reel and see for yourself.