AL-202012-M / 20ft 12 Gauge 20 Amp License plate / Vehicle Mounted / Mobile Equipment


Retractable Male End Watertight 20ft. 12/3 20 amp. License plate / Vehicle Mounted / Mobile Equipment

Vehicle-Mounted Male Watertight Retractable Cord Reel 20ft. 12/3 20 AMP breaker. SJEOOW All Weather Extension Cord W/ Lighted Plugs. Cords are UV, Water, and Oil Resistant and Flexible to -57 F Uses include: Electric Vehicles, Block Heaters, Scissor Lifts, Diesel Equipment, Golf Carts, Portable Heaters, Fork Lifts, Mining, Farm Equipment, Military, Oil Rigs, and GSA Equipment at Airports Distributors, Contractors, Retailers, and Volume Orders
Call 1-623-266-4159 for Discounts and Jobber Pricing or email [email protected]. (mounting brackets sold separately)

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