Arctic Leash

The Arctic Leash retractable cord reel

The Arctic Leash is a watertight outdoor retractable extension cord reel. It’s uses are limitless.

The Arctic Leash is the only ETL Certified Outdoor Watertight retractable cord reel conforming to U.L. and CSA standards. Available for use in all climates regardless of the conditions. With its patented waterproof design, durable polypropylene case, and convenient retraction mechanism make this the ideal choice for electrical power cord management in a wide range of applications for Watertight Retractable Power.

Extreme cold temperatures aren’t a problem

The Arctic Leash continues to prove itself in the harshest conditions at BP’s Prudhoe Bay Facility in Alaska


The outdoor surface mounted cord reel

Outdoor retractable power couldn’t be easier with the our cord reels!.

While some may consider the Arctic leash a winter product, that’s not the case as most orders are from warmer climates in providing outdoor watertight retractable power such as the City of Overland Park, Kansas.