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Our watertight outdoor cord reels are perfect for hostile conditions unlike other cords that fail in extreme cold

Most cord reels are made for indoor use only, making them impossible to use in the conditions they are most needed. Our cord reels are over engineered for just that reason. These are the cord reels you’ve been searching for and thought didn’t exist.

Arctic Leash-The Original
Originally built for the extreme cold climate areas, this is the reel that started it all. It’s the reason our cord reels are so well made, they had to be able to stand up to the  minus 50 below weather they were created for. And stand up they did! Our Arctic Leashes have been in the most extreme conditions for over 15 years and they are still working.

Wall Leash
Having retractable power when you need it makes the Wall Leash a “must have” if power is needed outside…well, indoors as well for that matter. Our case is constructed out of a fire retardant polypropylene material making it almost impervious to most dirt and liquids. Replace your inferior reel today.

Boom Leash
The Boom Leash is used here to supply a data signal for the Anti 2 Block system. The customer had been using a reel that would required replacing up to 3 times annually. Our outdoor watertight retractable cord reel was the ideal solution to this on-going problem.

Kitchen Leash
Drop down power for food preparation areas in commercial kitchens is a must have and our retractable cord reel for kitchens is the one most customers prefer. The watertight, fire retardant, polypropylene case is well suited for this environment.

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